CIRCLES proudly introduces a talented staff of stylists who are always happy to send you in the right direction for any and all occasions of your life. Whether it is a casual or special event that you need the perfect look for, a new pair of jeans you are looking to add to your wardrobe, a gift idea for a special someone or a new skincare regime, one of our CIRCLES' stylists is always happy to assist you!


  List of Services

  • Personal Shopping
  • Fashion Forward Guidance
  • Corporate Gifting
  • Wardrobe Consulting
  • Skincare Maintenance
  • Updating Your Cosmetic Bag
  • In-Store Appointments (before and after hours available upon request)
  • Alterations
  • Complimentary Gift Wrapping


One of the biggest personalities you’ll find here in the Capital Region with a tremendous eye for fashion and anything ahead of the trend.  Alex is our Store Manager, Lead Merchandiser, and one of our key buyers.  Her background includes big names like Vince and Nicole Miller.  You’ll always get her honest opinion (with a big Greek smile of course) and you might even find yourself adding something new to your old style that is a hint of Alex.  She’s that contagious and addicting!


While knowing a ton about anything from an outrageously awesome lip color to great shoes, Alexa is our Denim Buyer and Assistant Merchandiser. She joined us over 10 years ago after studying marketing and merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Now, not only does Alexa ensure that we’re stocked with the newest trends and must haves in denim, she can fit you into a pair of jeans like no other. She knows what brands you’ll love, or what rise you’re looking for and she delivers the perfect pair time after time. You will also find her styling our mannequins from top to bottom or posting our newest arrivals on Instagram. You’ll love Alexa!



Before coming to CIRCLES, Anna owned a New York City boutique in the heart of Nolita. Now an Albany local, she wears many hats. Not only is she a sought after wardrobe consultant and closet organizer, she is a local fitness instructor who will kick your butt. So regardless of how you look at it (or in it), Anna will help you get into those jeans or dress one way or another! But, she truly specializes in putting together outfits with what is in your closet and helps you find the right pieces you’re missing. At home, in store or at the studio, Anna is a stylist on the move and is all about making it easy for you!



While having a wide ranging background in multiple industries, before landing at CIRCLES full-time, Casey has been referred to as a “chameleon.”  Not only does she know how to rock a down-to-earth look (boots, flannels, tees), she also loves getting that all dressed-up look for a cocktail or formal event - Nicole Miller always being one of her top picks.  Oh, and if you’re not sure what jewels to wear, Casey knows how to match just the right jewel tones. She’ll guide you towards the right accessories, bags and shoes without overdoing your look. When you don’t find Casey in the store, you can bet she’s either chasing around her two Jack Russell pups or enjoying time in the barn with her six horses.



With numerous years of experience in high-end cosmetics and skincare under her belt, Daiva has worked with some of the biggest names in the biz. She came to CIRCLES six years ago and we refuse to ever let her go! Not only does she have a great eye for the perfect new lip shade, she’s also great at giving her infamous “stink eye” to truly tell you what she thinks . . . without offense of course. Her fav beauty products? Those would include fragrances from Montale and any products from Laura Mercier or Smashbox. Daiva is not just limited to our Cosmetic Department. She is a huge fan of our clothing brands. Being a mother of four beauties (her son included), she is usually spotting gifts for the girls. But don’t tell them we told you that!



Any real skincare addict knows Joanne. She has been a major player in the industry for over 25 years both working and managing some of the biggest makeup counters in the area. Aside from knowing all the details of our cosmetics lines, Joanne is all about skincare. When to moisturize? When to tone? Joanne knows and will give you a personal prescription for your skincare needs. Her favorite line being Natura Bisse, she has personally tried and is extremely educated on every product. And if you don’t spot Joanne when you walk into Cosmetics, you’ll find her draping herself in our newest scarves or lusting after Vince leather leggings.



Kyle has been involved in the cosmetic world since she was 15 years old and when you meet her you’ll think that wasn’t that long ago!  She is super well rounded; knows A LOT about proper skincare; is a phenomenal make-up artist and always keeps your natural beauty at the center of the look she creates or highlights; does a killer brow; and is a nail polish guru.  Kyle is not just limited to our Cosmetic Department - she’s been known to help with dressing her clients, as well.  Regardless, you’ll always walk away looking fabulous while feeling the same way because well, let’s face it, Kyle’s fabulous.



Meet Sam who always has a smile on her face. But don’t let her day job with the State fool you. While she may be a wiz at administrative work using the right side of her brain, she is also quite the cosmetic artist! Sam has been in the beauty field for over 11 years, making her debut at Chanel. She is a natural when it comes to color and artistry given her dad is a well known painter in the Carolinas. If you want the “puurrrr-fect” cat-eye, Sam’s your gal! You’ll instantly recognize her by her cool winged eyeliner and unmistakable fab nails. She is one cool cat!




After working in New York City, in both the retail and bridal industry, Susan moved to the Capital Region.  Working as a dressmaker for over 40 years, she has been with CIRCLES since day one.  With that said, Susan specializes at coordinating outfits, as well as tweaking anything and everything to achieve the perfect look. Whatever your body type, she is a master when it comes to the fit. She’ll tell you whether to go shorter, add straps, take up shoulders, adjust sleeves, you name it, and she does it. Susan will give you the female opinion you need, for every part of your ensemble!



Our die hard local gal, retiring from an office gig to come have some fun in the fashion world.  She always knows what new pieces are in, most likely because there’s one already on hold for herself. Her usual obsessions include anything from Rag & Bone, Mackage, IRO or Vince. When Vicki is not in house, she is usually meeting up with her jet setting daughter (another CIRCLES staff veteran) across the country doing extreme skiing, hiking or other wild adventures. With that said, Vicki can guide you towards some easy travel must haves for your next big trip or any "necessity" for every day ... and we use that word loosely!


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